I would appreciate some advice on where the best place is to buy the latest model iphone GS, simlock free, European script, that works... the Netherlands. Thank you Monique


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


I think Jacky's electronic,,,,,they have some branched in major shopping malls or check their website:

H Jabry
Sharaf DG , Or Jackyes electronics
Sharaaf D.G (Available In Every Major Shopping Mall)
E-max (Big Stores All around UAE)
Jumbo Electronics (Available In Every Major Shopping Mall & Their Own Out let all over the UAE)
Ok if you really want the best deals in town theres only one place and thats NAIF ROAD this place is the only street in town where you have all the main wholesellers and dealers in one place and you will definately get a great deal. Only advice is make sure you get the warranties with the phone! Otherwise the usual highstreet places such as sharafDG or plugins, AXIOM etc........ are all very good but will be paying more!
sharaf DG
Sharaf DG
Jumbo Electronics
you will get different quotes from each for unlocking the SIM for use worldwide ranging from 500 AED down to 250

There are a number of smaller outlets who will do the SIM unlock for less than 250 AED. You can find them in both Dubai and in Sharjah.

Sharaf DG
or the gadgets corner in Carrefour, HyperPanda
If you want to haggle, there are shops in Bur Dubai and Naif Road in Deira.
You should get your phone at any of the the following stores :
Sharaf DG, Jacky's, Jumbo, E-Max, Plug Ins, Cell-U-Com. All these stores are all over Dubai in all the leading Malls.
forget about all the electronic shops...
check these websites:

u'll find cheap ones there...
well if u r looking for a iphone 3GS model then I am really sorry to say that all of the above answers are incorrect as neither Sharaf nor any of the other popular outlets do have a 3gs model. The only iphone 3gs models factory unlocked will be available with direct sellers or small shops like in alain center or in city center. these shops are basically the stalls where u can get them. warranty will always be an issue for you as this phone is not officially launched in uae. naif road you can go and check but all phones over there are without warranties and for iphone i wont recommend that shops because they are simply traders and cannot fix anything if a problem occurs in phone if you want I can get you an iphone 3gs 16 gb and 32 gb. do send me a msg in private i will send you the prices a
i am selling these phones directly

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