anyone have any great hotel suggestions (3-4 star?) for Dublin? friend is going in June and needs good recs : )


City: Dublin

County: Dublin

Country: Ireland


I always look at first as they tend to have good deals.Let me know where takes your fancy and I'll give you my opinion.There are so many deals on hotel rooms at the moment and options to upgrade it's hard to say where is best.I'd opt for at least a 3 star with a pool(whether you'd use it or not it means the hotel would be somewhat modern and well kept) otherwise you could go local and try a bed and breakfast to save some money and get with the locals. Let me know and I'll get back to you.
I agree with Stara that the best place to look is at as they have the best rates and deals. Moreover you can read customer reviews for each hotel which c an help you make an informed decision.
Following is the link for hotels in Dublin
The Maples Hotel, Iona road, Glasnevin. Good hotel near city centre.
me also I want to know, anyone could help? thanks!

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