Does anyone have any opinions on RyanAir and/or EasyJet? I need your help!


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exactly what you can expect from cheap airline
what are you expecting when you get flights for €50?
I have juast returned from a weekend in Salou Spain and I travelled with Ryanair. The airline gets very bad press but like anything else if you go by their rules you can't go wrong 1 piece of hand luggage weighing 10kg is the baggage allowance for non checked in luggage and the bag has certain dimensions it must fit into their luggage frame and they are very strict about this rule as many passengers have found to their cost if the bag does not fit at the boarding gate the traveller incurs a 35 euro fee and to check a bag in that is not the right dimensions costs 15 euro online so be warned Ryanair staff are courteous and helpful and I have travelled all over the world with them including London and the Canary Islands
I agree with the first respondant, Ryanair is fine if you keep to the rules and don't expect more than the ticket price would indicate is on offer. I've never had a problem with their staff who I'd say work very hard.Flights are generally on time, I've flown from Dublin to London, Barcelona and Bristol more than once. Prices can fluctuate and you are best to book late at night a couple of months in advance or when you know a sale is on for the best deals.
No thrills but it works. It gets you there and cheap. If travelling is not the purpose of the experience , it is fine. You just have to understand that that there is no much comfort provided or services.If you have no high expectations, and just want to get to the city you chose to visit, it's ok.
Easy jet don't fly to Ireland. Ryanair (O'Leary's taxi) have all sorts of baggage restrictions and a pretty poor customer service but in the past 100 flights with only 10kg hand baggage I have never paid more than €20 all in for a seat to or from the UK.

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