Any travel tips for Romania?


Country: Romania


To be able to recommend a specific destination in Romania, I want to know:
- age
- No person
- date
- Why would you want to do and see
- what kind of accommodation you want, how many stars hotel?
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It depends on your interests/curiosities and period you will spend here.
Some general tips you will find on .
For further information do not hesitate to write me at .

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Hi, thank you for your interest and for visiting Romania. Despite the fact that Romania is not such a touristy place as other countries in Europe(Italy, France, etc) I assure you that you will find here very interesting places to visit, friendly people and extraordinary traditional food(traditional drinks too, good and cheap beer). I put here some tour examples with a private guide and car from my website:
There are a lot of information, pictures and short films too, at "Romania" section. Have fun!
Check this out:

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