So, anyone with experience-where do we HAVE to go/see in Banff/Vancouver/Calgary?


City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada


Hmmm...depends on what you're interested in. I'm gonna make a guess that's its nature. It usually is and rightfully so - this is the place for it.

From Van (where I am) you must drive or train the Sea-to-sky highway along Howe Sound fjord, past Squamish which has one of the greatest populations of Bald Eagles left in the world - you will like see many in warm weather, - through the passes to Blackcomb/Whistler ski resort, the longest vertical drop in the world (pretty sure but don't quote me though...).

The BC Ferry trip through the Inland Passage or even to Vancouver Island or Gulf Islands are spectacular in any season.

Hike to the Lions (summer only).

As for Alberta, I am only sure of one thing, the train to Banff is a once-before-you-die train trip. Tres romantic too, like the Istanbul Express or the Trans Siberian (so I hear). Any time is spectacular beyond words but winter is my choice. Since the tracks take passes which the road cannot, you will see primeval sights of the Rockies that have been seen only by a few and cannot be seen any other way.

Hope that helps....Have fun!!

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