Looking at Estonia as a possible near-future trip. Anyone ever been? What's it like? Any info is appreciated.


Country: Estonia


Estonia is a beautiful little contry by the Baltic sea. Capital is Tallinn with its magnificient old town, historical monuments and with many coffes and bars. The Estonian nature is very beautiful: rives, lakes, islands, forests, roads for hiking, horseriding, canooing, skiing etc. All depend on your wishes and the season. The peole speak raher good english and you have no securiy risks. And of course the white nights in the June!
"Tallinn: a hearty mixture of medieval Europe, imperialist Russia, all sprinkled with a hint of Scandinavian."

But there's more to see then only Tallinn!

Estonia is mixture of Scandinavian and Baltic tastes, also some slavic routes.
It is quite amazing that so little nation has survived all the wars and occupations. Territory similar to Holland or Denmark, population only 1.4 million people.
Over 50% forests and 20% wetlands, quite a lot wildelife and water from three sides.
From January 2011 official currency Euro. Main tourist season is June-August, but there's still lot of space and friendly people around.
Its small but interesting :) What are your expectations?
You could have a city vacation in Tallinn with shopping, night clubs and pubs.
You could have a cultural vacation, Tallinn old town, Saaremaa ( island), Haapsalu or Tartu history, museums and exhibitions or old manors (Sagadi, Palmse).
For relaxation book a spa in Saaremaa, Pärnu (the summer capital) or Haapsalu.
For concerts see or (Tallinn is European capital of culture 2011).
Sorry I don't know but you can searched it in the internet.
very interesting and different. my californian friend really liked here. it depends on what you like.

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