How easy or difficult is it to get around Budapest speaking English? (I assume Spanish and Portuguese won't help.)


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


i speak spanish, but it's better, to know some basic words in English too... in the city center is easy to get help, if you speak some English, but in the outskirts it is very difficult...
Ask younger people, students, teenagers.
At the famous places you can get help in English ( ticket offices).
Welcome in Hungary!

I would say that nowadays it is not bad at all. But you can have mor sucsess if you ask young people, students. Or you can go to any information center and they can help.
But I think it is easier if you learn some random sentence in hungarian. For example:Where is ...., how much is .... Or just write it down. It helps a lot! :)

I hope I could help!

Best Wishes,
There are some people who speaks other languages like English ( eg. I speak spanish and italian, too), but English is quite common nowaday, mostly amoung younger people.
My advise: DO NOT BE SHY! Ask the people around you whether they speak English. You will see, that the reaction will be more positive than you think. I see most of the times foreigners just standing and looking around with map in their hands and affraid to ask anybody. Normally if I see this, I go there and offer my help. But of course not everybody has such an open personality. SO TRY and ASK, you can't loose anything!!! Good luck! :)
I am 60, but I also speak English :) Of course generally the young people are supposed to know better English. I suggest you look for intelligent faces - when you hold your map and look around with an expression of helplessness, those speaking English would ask you 'May I help you?'

It is also a good idea to have your destination written on a piece of paper in your hand, and if nobody understands your English (which is surely not as good as your own language), you just show them the address. You can also try your chance with Spanish - maybe you get lucky and meet some who are studying just that language. It is fashionable nowadays among youngsters.

Anyway, don't worry, if you ask for help, you will get it. Enjoy your stay! :)
well, with English u will be all right! only some people speak Spanish. Good luck!
In thecapital and in the major cities you can get around with English. In other places provinces and small places you would have a difficult time. Its a good idea to try to lear a few basic words in Hungaian.
Better if you speak english, but
the best if you speak some hungarian :-)
Only young professionals spek english very well in Hungary.
with english you'll be ok. not everybody speaks it, but look for young people they can always help

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