where can I find good hiking trails?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary



Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but... I would definitely recommend for you to try the Cog Railway and the Chair-lift.
Both of them situated on the Buda side.

Buda is actually built on a group of hills, and once you've reached out to the hills, you'll find the hiking trail signs easily.

If you were to go hiking in the surrounding area of Budapest, that's a different question.

I hope this helps.

There are lots of possibilities to walk in the mountains or other areas in Hungary.
There are way to many hiking trails in Hungary! If you could write down which part of Hungary are you interested I could help you better. Or you can write an e-mail to one of the TOURINFROM offices and they can send you hiking brochures about the Hungarian Hiking Trails.

I hope I helped! :)
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If you're interested in trails around Budapest you can find a few in the hills of the Buda side of the city.

Specifying your region of interest would help people give detailed advice. :)
I suggest you to try the Northen-hungarian mountain chain, there are lots of nice hiking routes in the Mátra and in the Bükk also, these hills located real close to Budapest with lots of nice pine and other different kind of woods and amaizing peakpoints. During your hiking you should take the time to check out the view from Kekestető, which is the highest point of Hungary with 1014 meter. Also you find the Bükk National Park in this area with amaizing untouched nature and lots of caves. It is also a great trip to see the dropped stone cave of Aggtelek. If you need any more information, dont hesitate to send me a note! Hope you will find my motherland as amaizing as I do. Have a great time in Hungary whenever you come!!!
i have seen a lot of hungary and i would defo say fel debro because it is gorgeous and about an hour on th train from budapest . if not rackeve wich is on the danube and about 45 mins by train , whichever avoid budapest like the plauge if you want nature not smog and rude people
The best idea is when you getto Hungary or even before, to try to get a hiking map of the country. It is awailable in the city but I dont know if it is on the net.

There are a lot of nice trail.

National Hiking Trails
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Oct 22, 2002

Hungary is a little country, but it has a lots of interesting and beautiful regions, hills with deep forests, valleys with clear streams, plains with unique animals not to mention historical sites and local architects. National hiking trails lead you to the most beautiful regions.

National Blue Trail

The Blue Trail was established in 1938, in the 900th anniversary ot death of our first king Stephen. This was the first long trail route not only in Hungary, but in Europe as well. The most important Hungarian hiking trial, Blue Trail, starts from the Austrian-Hungarian border, from teh top of the 882 m high Irott-kö, then it winds for 1100 km through the hill country of Dunantuli and Északi-közephegyseg (Western and Northern Hill Ranges) to the village of Hollohaza in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen County. It is marked by a horisontal blue stripe.

Most interesting sites on the route of Blue trial are:

Köszeg, the historical town next to the Austrian border, which is famous for its fight against Turks.

Bakony is the largest range of hills in Hungary. Its deep forests was the home of outlaws (betyár) in the 19th century.

Danube bend is one of the more attractive site in Hungary. Here, north of Budapest the river makes an U-shape turn between Pilis and Börzsöny Hills. There is town Visegrad which is the most imposing relics of the Hungarian renaissance in the form of Visegrad Castle (15th century).

Hollokö, this little willage in Nograd County, was the first Hungarian site of UNESCO's World Heritage Programme.

Bükk montains (it is the home of Bükk National Park) is famous for its caves (there are more than 850) and Palaeolithic human bones and tools which were discovered there. (See also the article on Miskolc Lillafüred)

Aggtelek is the longest cave in Hungary, which is part of UNESCO's World Heritage Programme as well. (See also the article on Aggtelec cave)

Rockenbauer Pal South-Westwern Blue Trail

This trail was named after the famous Hungarian hiker and film director, who made nature films about Hungarian trails. This route starts from Irottkö and goes to Szekszard. Interesting sites on the trail:

Örseg with its varied hilly landscape and unique ethnographical and cultural traditions.

Pecs, the capital of Baranya County (and this town is the newest Hungarian UNESCO's World Heritage site).

The Blue Trial of the Great Hungarian Plain (Alföldi Kéktúra)

It is the newest long-range hiking trail in Hungary. It connects the ends of National Blue Trail at Sátoraljaújhely and Rockenbauer Pal South-Westwern Blue Trail at Szekszard making a great hiking loop.
check it out here:

Hungary is not quite a hiking paradise, but you can give it a go
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