Also, How far is dunn's River falls from Sectets in Montego bay if we are taking a private taxi?


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


101.4 km 1 hour 36 minutes,
It's very fun their!!
its about an hour and 20 mins. its beautiful and fun.
Secrets to Dunn's River is very far by private taxi and very expensive. Nearly 100 miles from each other. It would make better sense to fly by small plane from Mobay to Ian Fleming airport in Boscobel and get a private taxi from there and it will be cheaper on your pocket. It may even work out to be the same but it sounds quite expensive by private taxi.
taking a taxi is going to be expensive but its way faster than the bus so it would be less than two hours drive.
It is about 2 hours away but you could always use my tour company which you could hire for the day which would be much cheaper contact me @ or call (876) 891 8676
it is about 2 hours away you could hire my tour bus for the day which i could give you a deal contact me @ or(876)891 8676
2 mile

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