It's our first time in Jamaica and might be our last. Is visiting Dunn's River Falls worth the trip from Montego Bay?


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


Not my first choice as it may be a very beautiful & powerful but too touristy for me. My favourite is Mayfield Falls (entrance $15US) and then you will also see the beauty of the Jamaican countryside on the way, instead a main busy highway to Dunns River
Most definitely it is a must see and a must climb but there is Y S Falls nearer to Negril it may take an hour to an hour and a half drive from Negril there, while to go to Dunn's River will take a longer trek and cost more. Mind you you can't really climb YS Falls for it may be more of a risk because of the sheer drop, its waters are very cool and refreshing.

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