Time to think about my very imminent trip to Prague. Any tips or faves to share?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Prague is beautifull place and many things interesting for visitors.
It is difficult to suggest you just a general places. What is your main interests? Culture, history, entertaiment, ....?
How long you stay in Prague?
As Borek says, there are plenty of things to cover interests of everyone.
Quite simply put, you will not be disappointed but to give specific recommendations slightly more specific questions would be good.
Some fundamental things I would suggest are to choose a central location to stay if you are travelling without a car and you enjoy being in the middle of a buzzing vibrant city.
The public transport system is a dream and costs so little. Learning how to use it is also easy. Find a yellow machine often by tram or bus stops. Top left area of buttons and will see one with 26 Kc and one with 18 Kc. The 18 will get you 20 minutes of travel the 26 gives an hour and a half.
You can get on and off until the time is up. When you get on the tram or bus or metro put the ticket into the yellow machine & it will print time & date.
Enjoy the beautiful city.
It depends on what you have seen already and what are your preferences. There are many places around Prague shown as "must see" and those you can discover simply by walking through the city centre (advantage of milion city with relatively well preserved historical city centre).
When you are done with that, there are many places and views which are interesting but a bit forgotten (within Prague and in her close neighborhood). And recommendation of some of them depends on what have you seen already and what you have enjoyed the most and what your main interests are.
When do you plan to come? And for how long? If there is a wish for discovering some hidden treasures of Prague or of the Czech Republic I can perhaps recommend or guide you through some of them.
please see , more information and tours or excursions
So many things to do, many of which i'm sure will be covered by other Localytes, however, here are a few gems from me;

Restaurace Mlejnice (Kozna 14, Prague 1) - great little local restaurant just off Old Town Square with big dishes and small prices, a great pint of Gambrinus and plates of ribs to die for!

Zizkov Tower - a little off the beaten track, get the metro to Jiriho z Podebrad and then just walk in to the direction of the tower, whilst marvelling at the black babies (miminko) climbing up the side

Rezova Kotva (Janackovo nabrezi - Detsky ostrov) Prague 5 eatery situated on a small island just along the river from Jiraskuv Most (bridge) - a great place to eat, drink and watch the boats if the sun is shining!

Hi, Prague has a wealth of things going on. Spring's the best time of year, so I'll suggest outdoor activities: try a cycle south along the river; visit the beer gardens (Letna, Riegrovy Sady or, my personal favourtie, Vysehrad's 'Na Hradbach'; hire a pedalo or a rowing boat for an hour on the Vltava, or, at Branik, rent a canoe for a more strenuous paddle. Enjoy!
few things you need to know. 1. Prague is a town of marvellous history. I am sure you will find more about on Wikipedia or on some local web sources by Google. Just type "Prague, Czech republic". 2. Prague is a town of great food. Many restaurants, beer bars, caffee and other refreshments. Taste Czech local cuisine which is quite uniqe, like dumplings with roasted por or duck od goos and cabbage. You can easily find some special restaurants onf it. I am sure you will definitely like the beer! But you will find also nice wine bars, coffee or tea if you like. 3. Prague is a towen with developed tourist services, hotels, botels, pensions... good public traffic, but also tax. 4. Enjoy the shopping, concerts, galeries, art exhibitions and performances... Prague is a cultural town. 5. Be safe in Prague! Alas not all people are good as you konw. Bevare of pick pockets especiallz on rush places and traffinc in the centre. Ask also for call number for taxi services, what is regularly more cheaper and safer then simply catch taxi on the street. WELCOME TO PRAGUE
Praha has been the capital of the Czech lands for over eleven hundred years. It used to be one of the political and cultural hearts of Europe for centuries, the central crossroad of the ancient trade routes, the centre of Holy Roman Empire in 14th century. Prague was not destroyed in WW2 and it was not changed by modern buildings due to communistic insolvency. That is why this city is full of beautiful historical buildings and interesting sights. The monuments are very close to each other, so the best way to explore and enjoy the charming atmosphere of Prague is by walking. If you want to know Prague better than the mainstream tourists, the best investment is your personal guide. TO DOS: See Charles Bridge at the sunset time (7pm). Vitus cathedral at 4pm, sunny day. Try Ice cream at Angelato. Try to meet the spirit of Jára Cimrman :-) and beer from the tank at some local restaurant as: . More info at my web: . Ahoj :-)

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