Hi, What is the best place to go horseback riding and swim near Montego Bay? We are staying in Montego Bay.


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


the best place for horse back riding is chukka blue this is just a little out of montego bay in the parish of hanover roughly 30mins drive from montego bay the beaches here in montego bay are very good there is the doctor's cave beach or cornwall beach all these are on the hip strip in the heart of montego bay.
The best place to go is Chukka Blue, when you get here there might be other places but it's best to go with a company who I know for a fact i s licensed and insured in case of anything. The company also transports you so they are fully responsible for you. Hope this info helps, enjoy the sunshine while you are here.
I'd recommend Chukka Adventure Tours or Hooves Ltd in St. Ann's Bay . They both offer beach and inland trails worth seeing while on the north coast, with Chukka Adventure Tours being closer to Montego Bay (about a 25-30 minute drive). Do enjoy your stay in Jamaica.
chucka blue
If you visit you will be able to read a description of a beautiful horseback ride and swim that they offer. You will even be able to book it prior to coming
check out chukka cove which is between montego Bay and Ocho rios, the have a great horseback tour package.
the best place is chukka blue, located about half of an hour outside of Montego Bay.
The best for swimming would be cornwall beach or doctor caves beach, these are located on the famous hip strip.
Chukka blue

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