My husband and I will be visiting Denver in Oct. 2011. We are both in our 60's and would like some suggestions about things to do.

Also places to stay and moderately priced restaurants. We will be touring the Molly Brown house.


City: Denver

State: Colorado

Country: United States


Not knowing how long you will be here my suggestions for things to do would be in this order: Visit the Capital building, the Denver Art museum, the 16 Th street Mall, try to attend a performance at the Ellie Hawkins opera house. You are already visiting the Brown Palace. Take a trip up Lookout mountain and visit Buffalo Bills grave. If you want the Rocky mountain experience take the "Oh my god" road to Georgetown. If you have time Aspen and Vail are pretty nice places to visit (but expensive). Coors field is a great baseball park (Try to get on the third base side) . Out-of-towners' find The Fort a good place to try Colorado fare but it is not cheap $75 for two (rattlesnake, elk bison and quail on the menu but you pay for it). Just down the road is the town of Morrison and the Morrison Inn, good fare, cheaper, and 23 kinds of Margaritas. The best burgers are Smash Burgers, there area million Mexican taco places: Tacos Junior, Tacos Salsa, are good. There are many other restaurants too, Vietnamese, Chinese (of course) and Ted Turner has a burger place in LO DO which is good but expensive for a burger. You should visit LO DO as it is the oldest part of Denver (only two blocks long) and it is next to writers square which has some fun food places (it's right near the 16 Th street Mall. Union station is down there too. There are several train rides but they are almost an all day trip, but you get to see a lot of unspoiled Mountain views.
Hotels? you probably can get good rates on the Internet.
Good luck

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