my wife and I fly into Munich this Saturday and out of Berlin 10 days later, our first trip to Germany tentatively, we have 3 nights... munich them Ludwigs castles en route thru rothenberg and Prague to Berlin. is this best route for, what do we need to see?


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Your route is great - just one suggestion: After Rothenburg go to Wuerzburg, only 70 kms away - it has a UNESCO world heritage site, the baroque RESIDENZ, a palace like Versailles, only smaller, with the world's biggest fresco on the ceiling in the staircase of that palace that is as majestic as a cathedral - a site not to be missed.
And have some Franconian dry white wine there - if you like wine. The vineyards surround the city !
Take a small river cruise down the river Main to Veitshöchheim, a wine village 5km down the river with a summer palace of the Wuerzburg prince bishops, and the most beautiful rococo gardens ! Have the biggest chunk of icecream in the village!
Have fun
Great suggestion, my wife is certified specialist of wine and definetly wants to see wine country' thank you'
..and if you are on your way to Wuerzburg, make a quick stop in Prichsenstadt - it's a lovely small village with a cobble stone main street and a very romantic center. And there is a lot of great wine there, too.
Your route is great for a 3 day stay in Germany. Please also visit Potsdam when you are in Berlin. I am sure you will also find this interesting - especially Sanssouci castle and the gardens around it.
Are you driving? If so, your route from Prague to Berlin will take you through Dresden, which is also definitely worth seeing. But in general I would say, don't try to do too much. I would do 3 days in Munich (including the castles), 1-2 days in Franken (Rothenburg / Würzburg), 2 days in Prague and 2-3 days Dresden and Berlin. With all the driving in between you will not have time for anything else.

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