How should one spend a day in Mellieħa, Malta?

How should one spend a day in Mellieħa, Malta? in April


Country: Malta


Walk through the only natural national park in Malta:
or join one of the guided walks on 10th or 17th april:

The only National Park sound great, I will find out more about it. Thanks!
it depends when you will be visiting! if in summer months you definitly have to spend your day on the beach at ghadira bay, in colder days you might wish to do some trekking in the surroinding area. Have a look at the following

the marfa walk is near to Mellieha and worth doing.

alternativly you can stay at the village centre, visit the parish church, the grotto
and some other interesting places.

this article is also of interest
I will be there next week. Beach is on my list, I certainly go there, it is preferable for not too hot. Leave cloths on with greatest pleasure :)
The beach is a great place to be, but the sea is still a bit cold. You may not think it's cold if you come from somewhere where the sea is always cold. There are places to eat near there, but mostly fast, tourist food. You are not far from the Gozo ferry at Mellieha so a trip to Gozo should be considered, or take a small boat to Blue Lagoon on Comino.

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