is it better to drive or take bus to portofino from genoa

i'm staying in genoa for a day coming from the airport.we're planning to go to portofino in the afternoon. would it be better to rent a car from the airport and drive anywhere than take taxi, bus or train to wherever we want to go?


City: Genoa

Region: Liguria

Country: Italy


Whell if you are tired from you flight it's better to take a cab or bus.If you feel like it you can rent a car.So you can see al the nice spots and you can stop where and when you like
Have fun
Drive absolutely. Coast offers a lot, so you can enjoy each single corner.
It depends.
But driving your own car you can enjoy much more of the landscape and the area...
It is better to drive, of course! It's always better when u r "the boss" - can stop any place and drive any time u need!
The driving from Genova to Portofino is beautiful but Genova has a painstaking traffic jam. if you have the chance hire a driver and be driven there so that you can enjoy the vista without the traffic hassles.
Enjoy Portofino
Nancy Aiello
It is better to drive so you can choice any place but it's also true that Genova has a painstaking traffic jam, and it's not easy for a local, think for a tourist...
if you are not scared to drive in Italy, I would suggest you to rent a car and drive your-self! The nature, the landescapes, the views, are enchanting and breathtaking, and at every curve you will be tempeted to pull over to take a picture or two of the wonderful landscape in front of you.
If you feel like you can do it I would sugest you to rent a car and enjoy the trip.
Italy is realy beautiful and if you go by car you can stop when and where you want not like with the bus.
Enjoy your trip!
As long as you are not visiting major cities in Italy, driving is the better option in general
As long as you are not visiting major cities in Italy, driving is the better option in general

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