Heading to #KualaLumpur in May, any must try food spots? Getting excited already!!!!!


City: Kuala Lumpur

Federal territory: Kuala Lumpur

Country: Malaysia


you can come n try a japanese buffet at jogoya restaurant, located at jalan bukit bintang starhill galery T3.
lots of places...easiest spot to go,,actually there is a row of shops where u can eat chinese food...Its just at bukit bintang,,...Outside of bintang plaza,,u can see a double storey KFC,,,and just behind there,,u can see those restaurants....Lots of tourists there...
hi ,and welcome to Kuala Lumpur .Since you all guys have been in Asia,you may have to pizza, McDonald, Kenny rogers it's lies around town .But if you are looking for the tradition food not spices a delicious food ,more healthier and savored have an attempts with the Saturday night market in KAMPUNG BARU ,offers an array of multi-ethnic treats or In the old Market DATUK KERAMAT or have an attempts at KL's Mosque India area is popular for(Roti Canai)= flattened bread - a flaky fried bread made of wheat flour,ghee(clarified butter) and a touch of milk for lightness.a stretchy dough is kneaded ,rolled into balls,then dramatically tossed repeatedly into the air,the resulting dough is paper thin,and is folded and fried on griddle to yield a crisp, flaky pancake. You can take shot photo the way their makes.
If you are non muslim and have not been to Kuala Lumpur before, you should check out Jalan Alor food centre. You can almost try all kind of food found in KL and of course, you must try our very local fried noodle call "Hokkien Mee". Another good
place to check out our local food is at Lot 10 shopping centre's food court. Most of the famous food outlet were invited to set up stalls there so u only have to go to this place for food sampling..they have KL famouse beef noodles, friend noodles, dim sum and many more. Enjoy your trip to our beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur!

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