Is pub or B&B accomodation readily available in Ireland around Christmas/New Year period? Most venues on line seem to be closed at...

...that time of the year. Would it be necessary to make advance reservations or would we be able to drive and find places for the night as we go?


Country: Ireland


Many hotels stay open at christmas and offer special packages. Pubs by law have to stay closed on christmas day but for other days around Christmas and new year they should be open for business. B&Bs mostly close but there are exceptions. try
Sleepzone Hostel in Galway City is open all year round. In general, you get the best rates for all b&bs/hotels/hostels if you book in advance.

has availability for the entire city of Galway
It is very important that you book in advance as this is our main holiday of the year. Many businesses will be closed. I would try to contact Tourism Ireland who will be able to advise you further on what accommodation options are available during that time.

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