I will be in montego bay on April 14 how do I sign up for the ganja tour!


City: Ocho Rios

Parish: Saint Ann

Country: Jamaica


I am not aware of any ganja tour. Are you sure there is such a tour here?
If there is sure a tour and thats if you think i will put that on a wedsite, then my last name would be buju,lol. When u are in Jamaica "no problem mon".
email me at for further information
I personalyy, am unaware of a ganja tour and considering that we are home growers to the herb (so-to-speak), we wouldn't nedd to promote tours for that, if you get the drift. What I do know of is the Bob Marley tour which can be centered in Nine Mile St. Ann or the trail in Kingston which includes various locations of residence and recordings of the Star. Either way you can find information on these tours at , . I hope his helps. Have a great trip!
Email me I wll tell u how I will personally give u a tour weed for life
Ganja is illegal in jamaica
Visiting ganga fields in Jamaica is possible but you know that ganga is illegal so not too many people are advertising it.I smoke weed myself so a tour can be arranged. Send me a private message and we can discuss it
The ganja tour is at Bob Marley's home in nine miles- I have been there. You wouldn't have to sign up for it. When you get to Jamaica you arrange with your tour guide/ driver from your hotel or where you are staying for him to take you there, its worth the experience.

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