can you suggest a place to eat near the blue grotto please?


Country: Malta


I recommend going to 'tax-xiha' which is located in Wied iz-Zurrieq. I have also written a review a couple of weeks ago after eating at the place.

Hi 180257!
There are plenty of decent places to eat at the Blue Grotto. Mostly touristy but generally OK.
I would go down all the way till the slipway, there you may find the "BLUE CAVE" Restaurant. If one goes on for a few more meters there is even a terrace overlooking the inlet where boats for the Blue Grotto depart.
There are several places near there. The Blue Cave does plenty of snack type food in the day but they have a reasonable restaurant upstairs with a fantastic view. Most places there are quite cheap.
BLUE CAVE restaurant should be fine for a quick snack.

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