hi! how can i book a reservation at empire hostel without using a credit card. i dont have one. thnaks!!!


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


Well...if thats the only option of payment then I guess U borrow a friend's credit card to make the payment & pay the money to your friend. Or do U have a Debit card, I think it'll work too. The last option is to find another hostel that accepts other forms of payment. Hope I did help answer your query.
Enjoy your Hols in Singapore. :)
Knowing traveller's cheques in the traveller's name is the best form of security when travelling overseas for 6 months so that the traveller won't feel the loss of money when travelling.
Having a debit card must have sufficient money to pay. There is currency exchange rate being imposed by your own bank. If you have traveller's cheques, it can be exchanged at any money changer being available in the country which you are travelling. Subject to the exchange rate of the local bank as the money changer prefers. It is advisable to have a good multi-purpose tool known as Victorinox Swiss Army Knife when you travel.

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