What is the best known Hotel in Rio?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


The most famous hotels in Rio are: Copacabana Palace at Copacabana beach and Fasano at Ipanema beach.
Since the most famous neighbourhood in Rio De Janeiro is Copacabana, it´s not altogether surprising that the most famous hotel is The Copacabana Palace Hotel.
This hotel has been in movies and widely known for it´s famous residents , amongst whom are Laren Bacall.

Recently other hotels have become popular with celebrities, one is The Sofitel, also in Cpacabana, and the other is Fasano in Ipanema. Terrific restaurant, superb cocktails. It has every facility one could imagine and a gorgeous view to boot!.
My dear,
Copacabana Palace Hotel, opened to the public in 1923, still is an icon of Rio de Janeiro.
Walt Disney turned it famous in his "Flying Down to Rio" movie.
Every single jetsetter that came to this town stayed there.
Lady Di swimmed in its black swimming pool. Mick Jagger "produced" his younger son there.
It is obvious that Copa Palace is not the only 5 stars hotel in Copacabana, but it is THE hotel in town!
well, there are a lot of great hotels in Rio, but I consider the best one, as far as location and tradition goes, The Sofitel, from Accor Hotels. This hotel used to be the Rio Palace Hotel years ago. It's the best location in Copacabana, w previleged view and great area outdoors cose by the pool. The is also The Copacabana Palace, the most tradicional and expensive hotel in the entire city, where all wealthy and famous people stay in Rio. For those who can pay, they will have a blast.
That would have to be Copacabana Palace, a real classic! website

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