I have a ten-hour stopover in Bangkok - is that enough time to take the train into the city, see a few sights and return to airport?

I would like to hire a guide for this.


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Yes I believe so. You can catch Airport Link to the city, but would recommend just to hang around town instead, close to BTS skytrain, since airport link train is connected to skytrain. So once its almost the time to check-in, you just go back there by airport link though.
It's plenty of time, as stated by Fang, stay near a skytrain stop (probably Sukhumvit road area has the most to offer for such a short don't actually say what time of day or night you will be there though, that makes a difference, and you don't need a guide, just have fun wandering around, you don't mention what you want to see either, colourful street life, the golden palace (you could fit that in if you want to see a spectacular temple), personally I'd recommend just taking it all in, I'll bet you will want to visit again if you do that. Jim
Ten hours , that is perfect for you to see around Bangkok or the high light of Bangkok .
i guess may be just only shopping in the city like umm.. MBK(near BTS sky train) or PLATTINUM(wholesale place)by 3pieces u can get cheaper price...very good deal! and after shopping u can try thai massage or do art nail,eat some thai food or dessert(sweet mango with sticky rice)all in the same place (one stop service )and after that u just walk from PRATUNAM to airport link to go back to the airport.
yes it is as there is a new high speed train

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