Greetings, hope you can help with few queries, for a trip to Luxor from 11 April. 1: Shuttle from airport to downtown hotel. How much to pay

2: Is a Red Sea day trip possible within daylight hours? 3: Aswan for the day. Is this a worthwhile trip for so short a time? Thanks for any advice you can give. Glenn in Sheffield, UK.


City: Luxor

Governorate: Qina

Country: Egypt


greetings sir,
first,from airport to downtown hotel in a cap it could cost you about ( 40:50 L.E)
Egyptian pounds.
2nd, and the Red Sea day trip is possible, yes.
about aswan. it takes only 2 hours to be in Aswan from Luxor. but i dont think u can do all of it in one day Esp when luxor will take the whole day cuz its beautiful...
or u can rent a car with a GPS sys and enjoy the day.
if u need more help u can contact me @ ( /Ramy.Bahaa)
good luck :)
Dear Sir/Madame,
It will be such a great pleasure for me to help you
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Dear Glenn
Greetings to you too
I am Michael Hanna ,Tour Organizer in Egypt & Jordan
as for you questions concerning the transfers from Airport to Downtown ,it's available with the cost of private air conditioned mini van with 13 $ as the cab will be difficult if you are more tan one person and if you have luggage as well
for the itinerary
you can make one day trip to the Red Sea but will back at night
you can make also one day trip to Aswan but it must be with a plane as it's about 1000 Kilometers from Cairo
i need to know how many days you will stay in Egypt to give suggested itinerary?
i need to how many are you ?

Also need to inform you that we are specialists in one day trip to different destinations
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