What's the basic cab fare for a 1-hour trip? Or destination from Sentosa to Marina Promenade?


City: Singapore

(none): [None]

Country: Singapore


Non peak hours, 12SGD about 15mins

If it is peak hours, 16SGD about 20mins including toll charges and surcharges.
It is $20 from Sentosa to Singapore not including $2 on vehicle surcharge entering Sentosa. However, there is bus service from Harbour Front building in Singapore known as SBS Transit Bus Service 97 from West side of Singapore going to Marina Promenade at $1.60 per adult. You can buy the tourist transit link card at City Hall Mass Rapid Transit Station on daily basis. It is very cheap to buy the ticket by showing your passport to the counter staff.
should not take u more than SGD20, thats assuming under moderate traffic condition. if its too jammed(quite rare) or too smooth, then it may cost more.

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