What's the best time to show up for a concert in Singapore to get a good seat? Will be attending Timbre Rock and Roll concert.


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


The location of concert is surrounded 8 hotels in Singapore. The prices are quote in Singapore dollars. There are Ritz-Carlton Millenia is $530 before taxes.

Pan Pacific Singapore is $356.67 before taxes with $30 before taxes for breakfast including wireless internet access.

Conrad Centennial Singapore is $470 for business rooms and $20 for non-accumulative of laundry.

Mandarin Oriental is $559 before taxes including breakfast.

Marina Mandarin is $570 before taxes including breakfast.

Siwssotel The Stamford is Executive Suite is $525 including breakfast and wireless internet access.

The Fairmont is $605 before taxes.

Lastly, Raffles Hotel is the grand dame hotel in Singapore is $1,350 before taxes. As for Raffles Hotel, Michael Jackson had stayed into one of the rooms during his one night concert in Singapore.
Are u talking about the Rock & Roots Concert happening on 15/16th April at Marina Promenade (which is overlooking Marina Barrage)??
Its advisable to go by public transport cuz only limited parking is available. Besides.... if U Drink, Dont Drive..... and if U Drive, Dont Drink......
The nearest MRT Station is Circle Line's Promenade Station,exit A.
Regarding the Best time to show up so as to get a Gd seat..... It all depends on the Crowd & capacity too. But I think at least Half an hour before the concert starts should be Gd enough. Also take into consideration if its free seating or otherwise. Gd to be there much earlier if its free seating style cuz its expected that all the Gd seats would have been taken up by the early comers. Hope my Info was of Help.
Enjoy your Concert :)
the best time is be at the entrance 30 minutes before the actual start time of the concert, this will allow you to get a good seat if it is free seating, but most concerts here are assigned seating where different distance from the stage are priced at a different price.

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