I am staying at the Marriott Hotel downtown on Market St., what would be the best way to get from the airport? thank you for any info


City: Philadelphia

State: Pennsylvania

Country: United States


There is a train operated by 'SEPTA'. The Marriott is literally sitting on top of 'Market East Station'. If you were to leave the Marriott (exiting onto Market St.), you'd walk a block to your left (east) and see a giant sign for the 'Convention Center'. A much more discrete sign says 'Market East Station'. Enter here. There is a train destined for the airport at least every hour if not half hour. I'd say the trip from Market East is a 20-30min ride and around $4. Each airport terminal is directly connected to the train stops so you don't have to worry about shuttles or taxis. Its cheap and efficient; you'd be hard-pressed to get there any faster. Try for schedules and fairs.

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