Is the lobster cruise worth the time & money?


City: Cozumel

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


I went on a party at the boat and really enjoy it but some of my friends got really dizzy so if your not a boat person dont do it, if you are then totalle go for it
You should be able to find this for about $70 U.S. A lobster dinner and open bar for three hours would cost at least $50. $20 for a three hour cruise? Sure, why not.
If you like Lobster (which I do not) and you like cruising (I am a boat captain so I do) it can be a worthwhile experience. I do not know what you are paying so, not sure if it is worth what? Now, cruising Cozumel is beautiful, especially if you are out there for the sunset. I suggest you go for it. The prices Lena suggest would be a major bargain. Here on the mainland it runs about $95 USD. Happy sailing!

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