We are travelling to Nairobi on the 9th June. We would like to do a safari aand then want to get to kigoma to visit friends. Can you help?


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


Hi thanks for your question,its posible and easy to do your safari from nairobi,Please can you contact us on our,for best ever prices.looking forward to hear from you.
Can look all programmes for safari at our website,

Thanks from traverse africa.
by which means do you want to travel
Welcome to Nairobi and I believe Kenya in general. I assume that you will will be travelling from outside Kenya and that you will be landing in Nairobi. Our lodge is 47 km from Nairobi and it will give you an opportunity to rest from your Journey. if you have no arrangements we can arrange for your airport transfer. We are easily accessible via the by pass and you need not be held by the traffic jam of Nairobi.

From our lodge, you can visit !4 falls which are our small Niagara falls. The Ol Donyo Sabuk Game reserve lies next to the fall. Our lodge is also a good base for a person interested in touring areas around Mt. Kenya.

Visit for details or call us +254 0721 518 616. Kariubu
Hello Gouldd..

Thanks for the question through Localyte.I think i can be of help.I can organise for you a good safari which can take you to Nakuru,Maasai mara ,Naivasha and Amboseli.From Amboseli will take you to Namanga where you will cross the broder to Tanzania and from that side will get the transport to get you to Kigoma.This will be very interessting for you in terms of budget and freedom of going to Kigoma on your own pace.For anu enquiries my personal mail and website
NB how many are exactly ?
Thanks for sharing all this, Let us know for how many days? Do you prefer camping or Lodge accomodation?How many people are coming with you? Roughly give me your budget?
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance that you may require. Individual and discounted group rates also available on request.
We aim to create that special relationship which converts our business partners and visitors into life longtime friends.
Yours Sincerely.

Thanks for sharing all this, We are proud to offer safaris all over Kenya, from the best of self-camping trips to the best of safari lodges and luxurious, mobile camps. Let us design a safari itinerary just for you. All of our safaris offer:
Personal itineraries to match your choice of activities, comfort and budget.
Prompt, professional information from our enthusiastic safari guides who live in East Africa.
The ability to mix and match hiking, animal research and cultural activities in one safari.
We've outlined five itineraries; if you would like more information or a different combination, email us. EMAIL:
Let us know for how many days? Do you prefer camping or Lodge accomodation?How many people are coming with you? Roughly give me your budget?
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance that you may require. Individual and discounted group rates also available on request.
We aim to create that special relationship which converts our business partners and visitors into life longtime friends.
We're happy to act as your guide to Kenya's best.
Yours Sincerely.
Natureman masai warrior

Dear Gouldd;

Thanks for your inquiry and welcome to Nairobi Kenya. As per your inquiry, we will be happy to be your safari partner while in kenya. From Nairobi you can visit several destinations depending on your budget and interest. Forexample we have Amboseli special 3 days; Masai Mara 3 days, or a combination of Destinations such as Nairobi-samburu-Lake Nakuru-Masai Mara-Nairobi-Amboseli- Tsavo east and West then fly out from Mombasa Airport. Nairobi Excursions also give you an opportunity to see game just a few kilomtres from the city centre at Nairobi National Park. Other places you can visit include Girrafe centre, Mamba Village, David Sheldrick Animal Orphanage; National Museums of Kenya if you are interested in Heritage as well as the snake park

We therefore have a variety of places that we can take you for the safari to make you african holiday come true. Visit our website for more details on our safaris page.

Also we will be glad to know how many people you are; your areas of interest, Number of days on safari; Your preffered type of accommodation mostly we work with lodges. Kindly get back to us so that we can advise you on the logistics of your safari. We look forward for a positive feedback!

Kind regards

Catherine Ndwiga
Am happy to hear that you are coming to Nairobi in June which nis usually cold and chilly towards the end.Tell me about the type of accomodation you prefer,type of transport,food and the interested areas of visit then i can make you the itinerary according to the number of days you will be around.I will try and make it economical and enjoyable.
Hi.Thanks for your kind question.We are delighted by the prospect of planning a nice tour for.Kindly let us know how many days you will be traveling,how many people,if you prefer lodges or permanent tented camps.Also advice us if you have any approximate budget in mind.We will be glad to hear from you and assure you of our quality and reliable services.Please contact or visit: for more information.

Best Regards
Hello. Kenya has such a huge variety of places to visit. The destinations depend on your interest and your budget. You have the choice of travelling in Land cruisers or minibusses, to sleep in lodges or more exclusive luxuyry tented camps or if you like to be close to nature and have some adventure, you can sleep in mobile tented camps on private campsites. Let me know how many days, how many participants and approximately your budget. My website gives you some ideas about Kenya and us. Regards Elvira
you can look at the website of Saleva Africa they offer tailor made safaris. the website is
Thanks for your kind mail with all informations request. I would be happy to assist you on safari arrangements and as well your travel to Kigoma,There are buses that departs Nairobi on the evening to this place but arriving next day at around 1600hrs but also they are flights to this destination. My concern as a start point is how many days you wish to be on safari? when will this be? and which of the 2 option of travelling to Kigoma would be convinient to you? If you need further assistance kindly mail me at and we can plan more from there.
with kind regards,
Thanks for sharing this with us,we offer varietys of packages depending on which you want from lodge safaris,camping safaris and excursions.Do not hesitate to ask any question that you may have,for more information plz get to our website Website: .

Hi, yes I can help,where do you want to go? and how many are you? how many days do you want to do the safari? or would you prefer I prepare a packages for you to choose from?
Waiting for your response.
website -
Hi yes i am able to assist with booking. please advise on your budget, no of people traveling, and the exact dates, so that i am able to source the appropriate means and accommodation at the lodges. during june maasai mara would be the best place to take a safari. we however have other lake areas like naivasha and elementaita and nakuru for camping or bird watching or visiting the national parks.
Yes I can help. I have worked out a similar request in the past and yours should be a walkover. Please contact us from
I will guide you step at a time.
yes we can give you a very nice package at the best rate ever
A three days 2 nights safari to maasai mara
full details on this link
Thanks for sharing this with me. I m ready to organice a memorable safari for you. Just let me know the type of safari you want to do and the no. of days also how many you are. Also give me your budget. If it is camping or lodge safari.

Best regards.
Kata john mwangi.
am in school now but i will try to hellp where i can!!!
Hallo ,

kindly email to / the specifics, budget plan and sites you had in mind ... we shall ensure a hassle free trip and connection between different safari sites in Kenya and then onward travel to Goma ... at a cost effective rate .. bienvenue !
This must be confusing for you , but i believe you must have been assisted accordingly , we do Kenya and Tanzania and would happy to assist you with both Kenya safari and Kigoma trip contact us direct at , kind regards Odek Fred.
Hello, First of all congratulations for deciding to travel to eastafrica during those dates because it's the beginning of a fantastic season. I work in the famous masai mara in a safari camp as a guide. And am originally from Tanzania, and i know Kigoma i have been there. So if you give me details on your itinerary eg what you want to do, what kind of accommodation, budget, mode of transport preferred. I will be best placed to give you accurate info for your trip. Thankyou.
Hello and thanks for your question,I would prefer to organize a trip that has wildlife,sceneries and Birding.
Getting to know your interest first would help in the planning.

write to or
Hi Gouldd,

Thank you for your interest in Kenya Safari. To serve you better, kindly advise the following:
a) The number of person travelling with you
b) How many days
c) Your preference & interest (Wildlife, Scenery, Cultural and accommodation)

Otherwise we have very good safari prices for these month and I can suggest a 3 Days Maasai Mara Safari, 4 Days Maasai Mara & Lake Nakuru Safari, 6 Days Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli Safari, depending on the number of days you have.

Once we have the above information, we will be able to give you a precise quote. Plse feel free to ask for more assistance or clarification ()

Regards, Lion Trails Safaris
Thanks for your question . You can start by sending your queries to us via and also visit for detailed safari info and a choice of itineraries to choose from . We do a variety of tours , starting from Camping , Mid Range , Lodge safaris to Luxury Safaris . From three days itineraries to a twenty one days itineraries , we tailor for you a safari of your choice and fit for your budget . From Ambposeli , Samburu , Aberdares , Lake Nakuru , Maasai Mara and may other attractions in Kenya including the cultural experiences , just let us know .
Yes we will be very happy to assist. Please let us know the exact days of holiday and how many people, and we will give a quotation. Send email to or just visit our website for more information

Denis for Worldsites Tours & Travel

thanks for sharing all this with us.let us know if you prefer lodge or camping and how many people you are coming with,i would like to give you my website so that you can contact us direct for more info.we do budget safari which can fit on your plan.welcome visit
Hello, Karibu Kenya, welcome. I will be glad to help u in anyway that u would love to be helped.
Please leat me know what u would want to do while in Nariobi and where u would want to stay as well.
Looking forward to hearing from u and see how I can help.
welcome to Nairobi and i am proud of you to have chosen Kenya as your destination,for reservations and inquries visit will have all details you may need to arrange for your safari to kenya, our team of experts will be their to serve you better and make you realize your dream safari.welcome karibu kanya.
Hiya yes I can help, with the Safari and also if you want accommodation within Nairobi though this will depend how many you are. About Kigoma is a bit a distance since it's in the west part of Tanzania that boarders Republic of Congo, and this we need a tour van which I can arrange for you. If you want a flight or a Van it your choose. you may email me on. for more details otherwise welcome to Africa crew!!

Hi,we are here for you,pls furnish us with the details of how many days safari,if you want it camping or lodge,when exactly you intend to depart if its the 9th ,how many you people then from there we take it together and come up with a special affordable pro gramme for you.We are good in tailor made safaris,we also need to know if you wonna join a group or you want it private.
Regards Maggie.

Thanks alot for refering to me about your safari, i would kindly like to know when you have planned to do your safari and the number of people travelling, i have different itineraries of which you can choose from various destinations such as Masai mara, Samburu, Nakuru, Naivasha, Tsavo, Mount Kenya, Mombasa just a few to mention, feel free to visit our website at and have a look of some of the itineraries,you can still contact me on 0722883947 or email me at......
looking forward to hear from you. Ann.
hallow gouldd!
Thanx for your question.
There are world class sites around Nairobi that can give you a lifetime memory. Some are within one day reach but I know their experience will demand you to spend a night or several out to visit more sites. I happen to own a tour company so it is so easy to give you a memorable safari. Hoping to hear from you.
Hallo Gouldd,

Thank you very much for the information. We will be happy to assist you plan an exciting and memorable safari. Please advise for how many days the safari will be for and how many people will be travelling with you and if you have any specific areas of interest so that we can give you various options to choose from. E-mail us at .

Best regards
Jambo, karibu Kenya. We can be able to assist you to arrange your safari to Kenya and travel to Kigoma. It would be helpful for us to know the following:
When you intend to be in Kenya i.e the month of travel
The number of people in your party
If you have an idea of your budget that would make it even easier as we will just send a proposal that fits in.
If you need a detailed information with proposals do not hesitate to contact me on
yes i would like to help,kindly give me all the information,how many days,what you aim n doing and achieving in your trip.i would also like to know your budget.I will aim and make this trip the best ever safari you will go,i will make you comfortable,fun and all the way,you will fall in love with each and every place you step.please keep in touch with me,
Yes we can, just let us know what your preferences are, how long you will be in Nairobi and we can make some suggestions. Contact us on
Dear Gould,
Thank you for enquiry and Passion For Adventures Safaris is happy to provide all the required information to help make the trip a success.

Kindly advise below;
1). How many persons will be travelling with you
2). Do you require Nairobi accommodation on day of arrival?
3). How many days do you have for safari and how many do you want to spend at Kigoma?
3). What are your main areas of interest i.e is it wildlife, culture etc?
4). What nationality are you?
5). What mode of transport would you like i.e road, flying?
6). Would you like basic camping, lodge or luxury accommodation?

Once you advise we will be able to quote appropriately.
Dear Gouldd,

Hope that this mail finds you well,

thank you for you inquiry.kindly let us know for how many days do you intend to travel,how many poeple are travelling,whether you prefer camps to lodges.also we would like you to advice us whether you have any budget in mind.for any information please contact us at you can also visit our website will be delighted to hear from you for a friendly personalised service
Hey,its possible to do a safari from Nairobi though you have to be careful as there are many safari agent but all dont offer what they promise.You can tgry the safe ride tours and safaris based in the City center and they are very reliable.For more info,please feel free to ask on kigoma,you can get connection buses from nairobi but there is no direct bus.
yes i can help, kindly do send me the details of your safari and i shall work out a package for you. mail is
Yes we can help, we have experienced drive guides who have a lot of about East Africa, we also have safari vans and safari 4x4 vehicles at reasonable rates.
Thanks so much for your email , and thank u for chossing my country kenya, Its abeautifull country with beautifull Game reserves and National parks and also depending how you want to do it. We camping safari and luxury safari and how many days you want to make the safari. you can start the safari from Nairobi becoz the Nairobi is the center of all safaris you can start Nairobi to masai mara or Nairobi to Amboseli and after the safari we have transport Nbi to Kigoma, for more informations cantact 254 722 831020 madam rose.
Thanks for your interest to visit our country. June is a good time to visit as the weather is perfect also its when you can witness one of the greatest wildlife spectacle, ( wildebeest migration) from Serengeti to Masai Mara. You can drive to Masai Mara from Nairobi via Lake Nakuru National Park then drive back to Nairobi. From Nairobi you can take a bus or fly to Kigoma. ( )

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