Is Courtyard Marriot in Arcueil a good place to stay in? Is it convenient to go to/from there and other places?


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


Arcueil is a little over 3 miles from the centre of Paris, but being in the southern suburbs it’s a long way from Charles de Gaulle airport. However, the journey to the Courtyard Marriott Arcueil ( ) is direct on the very efficient RER B train which will take you direct from the airport to Laplace stations, about 500 yards away from the hotel. The RER goes through the centre of Paris with stops at Notre Dame-St Michel (change for RER C for Versailles and Eiffel Tower) and Châtelet Le Halles where there are lots of métro interchanges. Realistically, when you go sightseeing in Paris you’ll be out for the day, it’s too far to nip back if you’ve forgetten something.

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