We would be travelling to Bangkok in April 2011. Which resaonable priced hotel do we stay in Siam?Also which are good indian restuarants?

Since we are vegetarian will we have a food problem in Bangkok and pattaya?


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


About hotels: I suggest an internet search will give you the best comparisons. We cannot know what is reasonable for you. Regarding food, you should be able to find many shops that will serve vegetarian. Ask for "Ahaan Jay" or "oaw gin jae". (transliterations are difficult.) There are several Indian restaurants in Pattaya. Again, a web search will help you find them. There is also Vegetarian Paradise near Central Festival Mall on Second Road.
In Siam there are hotels between 1500 baht to 35000 baht per night. Every rate is reasonable. It depends on your pockets. There are plenty of north and south Indian restaurants on sukhumvit road. Just 2-3 sky train station from Siam.
In pattaya there are few indian restaurants even on the beach road or night walking street.
To book hotels you can go to below links for best deals:

Enjoy ur stay in Thailand

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