would you recommend Fallon & Byrne as a venue for dinner?


City: Dublin

County: Dublin

Country: Ireland


Fallon and Byrne is a really interesting venue: A food market on the ground floor (including delicious olives and anchovies), a restaurant on the first floor, and a wine bar in the basement

I have eaten in and would recommend both the restaurant and the wine bar.
Oh, Yes! Defintely. Excellent food, good pre-theatre and early bird offers, excellent wine cell - , wine tasting parties with finger food are very popular there. The food market is a feast for the eyes of foodies: American, Italian, French, Sweiss, Oriental cuisines.
Yes I've eaten there and I'd recommend. Good location and a really nice room. Pre-theatre menu is worth checking out.
Excellent food and excellent service Starters are around the €8 mark and the main courses will set you back about €16
There's a set special menu, but it's €30 for three courses and only worth getting if you're having desert.

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