Looking for car and driver in Mykonos for sightseeing. Two persons, arriving by ship 02 July. Information and cost appreciated.


City: Mykonos

Region: Southern Aegean

Country: Greece


Hi, if you are interested you can contact us direct to our personal email in order to give you a sample of daily excursions in Mykonos island.

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When you are certain for the details of your trip, you can contact with me to check

the prices and to talk about the schedule of your trip...

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Hi, How much time do you have in Mykonos? I would personally suggest that you wait until you arrive. There are often people a the docks that will negotiate a good price for you. Do your research, but i wouldn't suggest that you book. It is often cheaper when you get there. You have much more bargaining power. You might also want to consider renting a moped/scooter which is possible with a driver's license and a passport.
She will be able to find a room, or a scooter, or a car but it wont be easy to find a person to show her around. And if she does, they gonna charge her too much. For showing around the island (lack of time eg), best choice is booking.

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