how will i move to hotel radisson from the new delhi railway station??


City: New Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India


There are 2 Radissons -- one is near the airport and the other in a suburb called NOIDA which is called the Radisson MBD. The safest and best way is by a yellow and black taxi from new delhi railway station --- should cost about Rs. 400-500.
Hotel Radisson in Delhi is next to the airport. You can take the Airport Express Metro Line to the airport and then a taxi from there to the hotel.

The other Radisson in NOIDA is not in Delhi and hence one can take the metro to NOIDA from New Delhi Station to Rajiv Chowk and change to the NOIDA Line and reach NOIDA fast. Once there, you can take an auto rickshaw to the hotel..
its very simple , just hire a cab from New Delhi railway station, it takes near 40-45min
hi niel,
there are two hotel radisson, one near new delhi airport and another one in noida, best way to reach this two hotels is through taxi or u can first check which radisson you want to go and then check thier website and asked them to arrange a taxi for you. that will be the best one for you.

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