Am I required VISA if I transit my flight via Hong Kong or Taipei? What if I wanna tour the city for few days? Anybody know?


City: Hong Kong

(none): [None]

Country: Hong Kong


That reli depends on which country's passport u're holding for the moment, but since Hk citizens do not need visa for visiting more european and asian countries....i think it's fine if u're from europe or asia :)

as for whether u need that for depends on whether u would immirgrate HK and stay in HK for a nite or so before u take the transitting flight to another country. If u just stop over @ the transit area...then VISA is probably NOT needed.
No need for Visas if you are just staying in Hong Kong for transit.

If you want to tour Hong Kong for a few days then it will depend on whether or not you are carrying a passport from Visa exempt countries. Generally speaking you can stay in Hong Kong for 90 days for holiday without a Visa.

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