A group of students from USC traveling to Santiago, Chile! Anyone there and wants to meet up?


City: Santiago

Region: Region Metropolitana

Country: Chile


how many students?? and when are you arriving to santiago?
Hi there !!
My name is Claudia, I`d like to meet you and your friends !!..
you can contact me if you need something.. like places to stay, visits...
Chile is a wonderfulllllll place !!
See you :))
Hello my name is Christian Ulloa and I'm from the south of Chile if you want I can
help explore the island of Chiloe and go places very impressive, I hope
your answer.
Hey thre, Im Javiera, I live in Santiago, it can always be fun getting to know u guys! when do u get here?
Hi there
My name is Paloma, you can contact me if you need something or some tips.. like places to stay, visits...
I am an owner of operator of tourism who is called the route of the surf, we can show the best waves of Chile if you and yours friends are interested in learning to surfear.

See you :)
I don't live in Santiago, sorry. If you want to know the south of chile you can come to visit me...
It would be awesome to meet you guys, just answer the 1 million pesos question: when do you get here?!?!? XD you0're ginna love this side of the planet!!!

Saludos po!

Hi there, are you from the University of Southern California
First: how many students?? and when are you arriving to santiago , how long would you stay? what do you know about Chile and what do you want to visit? I can see a lot of answers from chilean people, maybe could be a nice idea to organize a meeting of all of us.
Second, what do you need to know Before arriving, about places to stay, to visit, buses, Subway, etc
Just ask.
see you
I'd love to meet up with you... Contact me
I live in Santiago, and let me say : welcome to Chile!!!

if u visit Arica, contact me
The Providencia area is the perfect destination to stay in Santiago;
You can see some pictures from Santiago and surroundings in our web page at:
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charming and comfortable guestrooms.
We speak Spanish, French & English. Free Internet Access and Wi-Fi. Kitchen facilities. Cable TV, Cooling and Heating in all rooms.
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Hi!!! How many are they?? when they arrive???I have a VAN for ten persons and I can show them Santiago and differents places closer to Santiago....If they wants we can practice differents adventures sports and out doors activities. I am the guide for all the activities that they choose...they can visit my web site

Best regards,
I will wait them

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