Help me out! AirAsia or Bangkok Airways for my flight from Phnom Phen to Bangkok? AirAsia is cheaper, but do I trust that?


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Air Asia is ok and it is a short flight so please do not hesitate. ;)
I fly Air Asia at least once a month, sometimes delayed but allways cheaper, their inflight meals are great as well. Go for it!
Yes, you can trust AirAsia very well. They are the best of the so-called low cost airlines in this region.
AirAsia compare with Bangkok Airways. Both are so so. Anyway, Air Asia is more fluenty on delay time than others but cheaper too. And you can trust both
I always fly with Air Asia and never had a problem with them. Highly recommended!
Sure! Why not?!
Yes to Air Asia. Be aware that you will pay for food and even water. Not a big deal, especially on such a short flight, but if you've never flown a budget airline before, that may surprise you. Also, they sometimes really take carry-on weight/size limits seriously, 7 kg and one item only. Pay for check bags and even meals online before your flight to save money.
Air Asia gives a low cost ticket, mostly gives a good service on board, but the ground service not so well run sometime.Make sure you are their in time and prepare for the delay.
Air Asia is ok for me cause may be late some flight but very few and till now this airline is ok than other Thai airline that bigger .
They number one asia low cost airline so no dont be afraid.
I'm a frequent flyer with them and i can not complain.
Air asia is fine. Don't hesitate, they are very professional.
Air Asia is fine BUT if you never flown with them here are a few tips:

- if flying out of Bangkok get to the airport at least 3hrs ahead as the line ups at Air Asia and Immigration are long and slow

- carry on is 7kg any more and you will be charged, they trick you as when you go most times they do not check or weigh your bag BUT it seems like coming back they do and get you and your money

- they are a cheap no frills budget airline and so are their customers when it comes to brains as they attract the idiot travelers, who will delay you and your flight by sheer stupidity(just look around in the line ups and see how many bags people try to carry on), you pay for what you get

-my last trip they damaged my bag and I had to by another one before going home, good advertising for their insurance policy, be prepared

-if you know you are going to eat (strict policy on no outside food and drink) book it online as you get served first

- thankfully the air crew makes up for the ground staff and are very helpful

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