Christchurch, New Zealand in May 2011, is it ok to go? Heard ppl r evacuating. Need advice.


City: Christchurch

Region: Canterbury

Country: New Zealand


accommodation will be very limited. Infrastructure is not yet up and running everywhere. No immediate danger at the moment, but I still wouldn't visit at the moment. But Chch airport is ok to use as transport hub.
Situation will only slowly improve over the next couple months. Lots of hotels have been damaged in the quake and will need repair.
Christchurch city centre will be off limits because off serious damage to buildings but there are hotels and many motels in the suburbs. Roads in and out of Christchurch are open and it is possible to visit all of the wonderful sites around the South Island. You would be well advised to reserve accommodation early.
I wouldnt recommend coming to christchurch for long. I would reccomend places such as kaikora and hamner springs but I personally think it would be much better for you to spend the majority of your trip in other places in the south island. :D
hI the center & eastern side of city is a mess CBC is a no go zone & will be for sometime I expect.However Eastern side city airport etc all pretty much as normal really .So do'nt be put off .
No it is NOT alright to go. As a tourist, there is nothing here for you to do. go to Queenstown instead.
Most of the central city in Christchurch is stuffed
Christchurch is still having aftershocks and they may continue through til May. Christchurch will be more open by May so you can look around but there will be still areas which are still being cleaned up. There is always a chance of another earthquake and so far no predictions of when has been made.
Hello, I was in Christchurch for 3 weeks, I just got back from after helping a family member and others out. To tell you the truth, its not a good place to be if you are wanting to travel there. The center has been like it was hit by a bomb plus they have Army and police personnel travelling around the the red (no go) zone area. There is a place furthur north you could go travel to see which Is called Hanmer Springs nice little township as well as a Thermal Springs which is quite cheap too! Thats the best I could do for you, sorry

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