what kind of clothing does one plan to pack for a trip to Spain in mid-April?


Country: Spain


Should be warm/hot in coastal areas or Balearic or Canary Islands, but take a wooly/fleece for evenings. If you are staying inland or near/in mountains, it will be colder so take more warm stuff in case.
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It's usually pretty warm during the day but can get chilly at night. So spring jacket and warm sweater, closed toe shoes but also bring flip flops because it can get extra hot at times! It's basically spring weather maybe a bit warmer!
Hi, you have to bear in mind that winter is over, so you should wear light clothes, but take with you some pullovers, nights may be a little bit cold. And of course it will depend on where are you going.
Have a great time.
Spain is a big country, with different climate in the centre, in the north, in the south and eastern Costas, and in the islands.

But it should be t-shirt in the day, with a jumper, in case, at night. Enjoy...

PS - it's been raining for days, so don't come this week!

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