I am looking for a place to see sardana on Sunday afternoon or early evening. My plane does not arrive until 10:30 a.m. (if on time).


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


Sardanas dancing goes on every sunday in front of the Cathedral of Sta Eulalia (Gothic Quarter) It starts around noon up to 1pm or 1.30pm. There are musicians playing sat on the stairs of the Cathedral and people start to dance in front in circles. If you want to join the circle and learn how to dance you are welcome to do so, but if you prefer to watch only you have an hour of free show!!
Enjoy the dancing and enjoy your stay here. If you feel you'd like a private guide for a tour around the city and its important sites let me know!
Official guide of Catalonia region
The sardana takes place on sunday infront of the Cathedral ( old Town ) . It starts arround 13 or 13 .30 pm. It is absolutely free and you will realize how nice it is.

Please enjoy the sardana.

Sandra de Miguel
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