Pls. translate "hasta la vista" into Brazilian Portugese for me. Also, is the language in Brazil similar to that in Portugal?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


It means " até mais" or "agente se vê" and both in Brasil and portugal it quite similar...
What comes closest is 'até logo', 'até mais', 'até breve'.
Both lingos are similar when read, but spoken quite differently.
Brazilian incorporates a lot of terms from the indigenous and African lingos, so I suspect that it is a wee bit 'richer' than Portuguese.
It can be said as "até mais" or "até logo".
Portuguese in Brazil sounds different but the comunication is pretty easy.
"até logo", is probably the best translation, or até mais ver.

Portuguese is the language spoken in both Portugal and Brazil,. The difference being
more or less the same as English spoken in the U.S.A and England. Communication is easy and there are slight differences in vocabulary depending on what part of Brazil you are in.
"Até logo" , "até mais" , "a gente se ve"
Languajes are really similar, only have diferent pronunciation, like English spoken in the U.S.A and England. Comunication it's easy.

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