Hi we are coming to budapest this month. We travel alot and we like to party with locals. Where do the locals party on weekends (hip hop)

a couple of casual resturants would be cool too.


City: Budapest

Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


Hip hop parties - i don't know. But there are many good restaurants, here are some of the locals' favorites for you:
- Menza
- Klassz: , 1061 Budapest, Andrássy u. 41.
- Apacuka:
- Jelen:
Hello, u should see Corvintető and A38, sometimes they have hip hop parties.I think
its better to check these on facebook!

Oh,and another good resaturant:

Have a nice days in here!
I can help you with restaurants. Actually we have a lot around the main street of Budapest, where the tram line 4-6 is. But I can recommend you these also:

Hip hop places I don't really know but there are several party places where are playing hip hop as well as other music.
Like szimpla: ,
kertem: , and ötkert:
corvin tető:
Enjoy your time at Budapest!
I would recommend White Angel, Symbol and Dokk Aréna.
All three has a very good atmosphere, beautiful naked girls dancing go-go, good music, good DJs, affordable alcohol quantities, etc.

White Angel is one of the most beautiful clubs in the whole world.
Go to the Jewish Quarter behind the Dohany Synagogue and do your own pub and bar crowl. Szimpla, Mikvah Tivadar etc,etc

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