what do cariocas eat for breakfast?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Bread with butter, some cold cuts, such as ham, mortadela, cheese. Also, coffee, fruits, milk, tea, yogurt, etc
Usually milked coffee with bread and butter.
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Brunch is big now, where you have a buffet with a huge selection of fruit and food. of all types including scrambled eggs and dieffernt types of bread. This is available all over Rio
But, generally, the average person eats a little fruit, perhaps papaya, with French bread and butter , ham/cheese and café au lait.
A "carioca" is not only a person born in Rio, but also those who live in Rio and believe that they are the luckiest people in the world.
So, a typical carioca guy eat milked coffee with bread and butter, as Jimmy said (he is a carioca born in Scotland).
My mom eats fruits. You will finds lots of them for a reasonable price.
I go for bacon and eggs. Fruit juice and coffee (without sugar).
Rio is a very democratic place...
Bread and butter, coffee with milk and loads of sugar, and maybe juice.
Splurging cariocas might top it with fried eggs, bacon, ham, bread w jam etc.
Depends on the person...some like breads and butter with coffee, some like fruit and yogurt with juice, some like ham and cheese...the nice thing is there are many options!!!
normaly they eat bread (frenh bread called in brazil as pao frances) ,
the bread can be w butter, white cheese, yellow cheese, and still they have an option bread, yellow cheese, banana and canela.
drink black coffee or milk + black coffee
the surfers prefer juice fruits - there´re a lot os stores at rio where you can buy fruit mixed jiuces at the corners, mainly at copacabana beach, the most famous place calls bibi website.
...what don't eat cariocas for breakfast?
Typical breakfast included brasilian fruit, eggs, jam ,chesse and bread. Don't forget cofee and fruit juice!

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