how far to Accompong from Montego Bay


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


It is about 2 hours,If you plan on going i can link you with some nice people there.
It's more or less 2 hours. Maybe less.
its about an hour fourtyfive minutes tops.. depend on where in monteggo bay also.. take that in consideration
It is approx 2 hours
it will take about one hour and 3o minutes as to where in montego bay you are traveling from
It is approximately 2 hours from Montego Bay.
Its approximately 45min to an hour depending on whos driving!!! LOL
Its about 31.35 kilometres away .
Accompong town which is one of our native district in maroon town which up to this date is govern under the maroon laws is about 45mins to and hour from the airport if u like i can take u there r make the arrangements

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