Ok, I'm planning on going to Buenos Aires, Argentina for about two weeks. Adonde me recomiendan ir? I need a Hotel and a rental car


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


You 'll find the best prices for hotels at

And for car hire
We invite you to enter into aur website. There you will find descriptions, rates, availability and pictures of Bonito Hotel and our five rooms.
Hello, first of all when are you planning to travel?
Concerning your place to stay, there are different options, areas, rates, etc. Hotel, B & B, apartment...
It´ s very easy to rent a car, I think it is most important for you to choose a place to stay.
I can help you with both things, just send me an e-mail

Kind regards
Hello, el hotel va a depender de cuánto te quedes en Buenos Aires. Puede ser un hotel ubicado en el centro, o en la zona de Retiro o en Palermo. Depende del presupuesto que manejes y tus planes para la ciudad.
Jose, chqueate nuestra página. .
podes contactarnos a por cualquier cosa que necesiten en buenos aires.

Hi Nile!, When are you coming?

Renting a car is pretty easy, you can go to this website and do it online!

There're a lot of hostels around downtown you can find here some of them.

If you need any help please don't hesitate and send me an email :)


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