thai culinary schools


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Watch my videos on Somphong Cooking School in the Silom area to learn from Khun Koy. I have to say it was the best 4hrs spent as we learned about Thai ingredients, cooking techniques and best of all EATING what we made, very tasty. She has two classes a day and we called last minute for the afternoon one, each day has a different cooking menu and on this day we were cooking two of my favorites Red Curry Chicken and Spicy Coconut Chicken both very delicious. We met her at Chong Nosi BTS and we took a taxi to the market to get some ingredients then walked to her school. She only charges 1000baht for the 4hrs and 5 dishes which is very inexpensive. I highly recommend taking the course while here as she gives you a recipe book to take with you so when you get home you can impress your friends with a great Thai meal. Videos Part 1&2 below

my grade mom is the best cooking for me :P
try simple from youtube "thai cook video" oh man there have a lot :)

mostly they cook best like my grade mom :) then you keep track details info you may find info address to make contract.
learn english (mum)

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