Hey it might be a bit late for that as we have already reserved The Axel in San Telmo (July/August) but we wonder whether this place is

a good choice, from the area point of view, when it comes to sightseeing, markets, security -daytime and nighttime- shopping, dining.. In short is it a convenient and safe base. Thanks to everyone


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Axl is a very good choice. It's located in a very nice area, pretty closo to everything there is to see in Buenos Aires City. Day and night. Walking distance, practically. And they'll inform you there how to get to those places. Have a nice stay!
hey alyx! the axel hotel is a nice place to stay and san telmo is a very special neighborhood.. it is packed with very bohemian pubs and bars frequented by young international crowd. These places have very special unpretentious vibe created by timeless surroundings.
Besides that, its not my favourite part of the city to stay, i believe that palermo or puerto madero is much nicer and safer! But anyway, you are gonna have fun in the hotel and from san telmo you are close to the rest of the city!!

I hope you enjoy BA and let me know if i can help you with something else!
san telmo is a very nice place with the tipical buenos aires flair. You have pubs and bars and nice places to walk and look. San telmo is near to the middle of the town and walking you can go to the obelisco and Lavalle Flordida etc.
support all these answers and as always to be in Buenos Aires,
the recommendation is that you try to pass as unnoticed
as clothing and accessories, are wearing the most simple and carry no
nothing flashy or expensive watches to avoid attracting the attention of people
upset, then said the rest support, San Telmo is a nice bohemian
and worthwhile and is close to everything the gay life in Buenos Aires, anyone needing information about it, I'm dj and public relations and I am at your disposal to
provide more info by private email, hugs and keep in touch. seb

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