we will have 5hrs from 11am to visit the floating market, and see the bridge over river kwai,..please assist to how to get there from...



City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


not enough for the bridge over river kwai and not sure for the Floating market cause you must take about 2.30 hours from Bangkok to river Kwai and back with 2.30 hours again. As same as river kwai, Floating market is not near to the airport and take a long hours too.

suggest to visit The grand palace and please booking in advance with our local tour operator to make sure that they will pick you up at the airport and drive directly to the Grand Palace.
Agree with Khun Krit: Not sufficient time available. On top of that "Damnoen Saduak Floating Market" is nice only in trhe early morning.
Alternative suggestion, if you would be here on a weekend: Take a taxi from airport directly to "Amphawa Floating Market", which is much nicer and more of a Thai affair, and is open until evening. You have to forget the "Bridge" with your limited time.
forget it!!!! don't have enough time...better go shopping around the city area,take a boat cruise along the Chao Phraya or head off to Pattaya for a couple of is about an hour and a half away from the airport...
Whoa! Five hours really isn't much time. I bet you'll wind-up frustrated. Take into account how your travel/shuttle time will eat up most of your timeline "Just getting there". I'm game for the idea of finding a nice place (like the Oriental Hotel) located on the Chao-Phraya river where there are river tours and "stuff" you'll enjoy. It's also the kind of location you can get some nice photos and video footage. Hey check out Bangkok in "YouTube" why don't ya? I feel that is more relaxing and less hectic. Unless you can get your hands on a "NASCAR" and driver to get you around. Also, don't trust a Tuk-tuk driver. They home in on "tourists". Don't buy any jewelry,stones from "this guy" some nice guy you recently met just happens to know. Well that's my idea on how to allocate your limited time allowed. Have a great trip.

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