I plan to visit Athens in May. Since it'll be springtime, there might be some outdoor festivals--dance, books, etc. Best ones-Those to...



City: Athens

Region: Attiki

Country: Greece


Spring will bring some public exhibitions in Syntagma Square; the Green festival where eco design and awareness is presented in an open air museum. The Kifissia Flower Festival will maybe still be going on in early May. End of May will bring an art show in Zappeion, the city's main exhibition building in the National Gardens. I believe there will be a book show, too, though the books will all be in Greek. None of these are terribly out of the way (save perhaps Kifissia) and shouldn't take a lot of time.

The Dora Stratou Dance Theatre in Philopappou opens back up, but in my personal opinion it's a bit dated, long, and gets a little boring after the first few folk dances.

If you're in Athens on May 1st, don't stay in the city. Book a day trip out to the country, to a town like Nafplio or maybe even to the nearby island of Aegina so you can see the traditions surrounding the feast of the flowers.

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