Hi, I`m going to Rome and my returning flight is at 7am from Fiumicino airport.Can anyone tell me how to get there so early in the morning?

The hotel is close to Termini station, but I think the earliest bus CORAL from there is at 5.50 am, which is too late for me. Also, could you please tell me what is the cheapest way to go between Fiumicino airport and Termini? I thought there is a metroline from the airport, but I`m not sure. I found some buses for 4 euro in one direction, but I`m not so sure they still run... and how early in the morning they start. Thanks in advance:)


City: Rome

Region: Lazio

Country: Italy


Hi, there's the Leonardo Express. The first train is at 5.52 and it takes 30 minutes, so I guess it's still too late for you. Check here though

Or have a look at this site, for a shuttle service
. The first shuttle is at 5 and arrives at the airport at 5:50.
I think of round trip ticket for this sit bus shuttle, do you think it`ll be possible for me to make it, when it arrives at the airport at 5:50 and the flight is at 7:00? I`m afraid I won`t find the terminal, the gate and so on in just 30 min or so...
Cause I know this airport is quite big...
I think you should make it, but I can't be sure. Save time, checking before the terminal and with the web check in (if you can do it).
I personally don't think 1 hour is enough at Fiumicino. Regardless of whether you have trouble finding the gate or not, there is only 1 security checkpoint for all the flights to pass through and it can be extremely slow. Miss it and you have to buy a new return flight. There is a night bus by Cotral but it's not direct. You have to change buses at Tiburtina, and I don't recommend it as it's not easy to judge how long the whole thing will take. A private, scheduled car will cost 40 euro at that hour. You can call a taxi but can't book Rome's taxis in advance. Your hotel will most likely have a private taxi service they can recommend. If not, you can contact me and I can set one up.
You've no other solution: taxi... At that time it'also a way to be safe, Rome is not dangerous but you start at night not early in the morning from the centre of Rome if you take public transport...
At that time of day the best and safest way is to take a taxi.
I`ll check-in online and I don`t have luggage, only hand luggage, so I`m thinking of arriving at the airport with this bus at 5:00 from Termini (5:50 at Fiumicino). There`s a risk, but I can`t efford 35-40 euro for a taxi, it`s too much...:( My returning flight ticket is 30 euor or so:) What about this transfers:

It`s 16 euro one way shuttle, it`s shared and I can write the time of my flight by booking. I haven`t used this type of shuttle and I`m a bit nervous if everything`s gonna be alright..
Leonardo express is a Special train from Termini Station to Airport

this link is perfect for...
Departure from ROMA TERMINI 5.52
Arrive to FIUMICINO AEROP. - 6.23

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